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silver lining


Our Silver Lining program assists children whose lives are traumatically altered by the murder of a parent due to domestic violence. Through no fault of their own they are orphaned by one senseless act.  In some cases, the children witness the murder, the immediate aftermath, call 911, or provide CPR in an attempt to save their mothers’ lives. Every day, these children battle PTSD, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, night terrors, aggression, cutting, and/or bed wetting. Child traumatized ofter become stuck developmentally.

Elderly grandparents or other family members take guardianship of the children after the murder. At the same time, they are grieving, coping with the trauma of the homicide, and reliving the murder in court fighting/seeking justice for their loved ones. Often these loving family members are not financially, emotionally, or physically prepared to parent young children. 

Our Silver Lining families receive financial assistance to help with food, clothing, toiletries, and household supplies. We provide opportunities for normalcy such as art, dance lessons, sports, and summer camps.

Sugie Lane Foundation will host family outings like an adventure at moody garden and a behind the scenes day at the Zoo. The children form bonds knowing they are not alone and are creating new happy memories together. 

In addition to financial assistance the program funds guardianship fees, legal name changes, furniture,  bedding, room makeover, therapy. We assist with school supplies, field trips, computers, tutoring, and unexpected needs. All of the children will be celebrated on their birthdays and holidays are remembered with themed activities. 

The relationship I want to have with the families is one of trust. To feel comfortable to call me when  they need a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, or simply to share what is on their minds. We will walk the journey with these vulnerable families from despair to hope, like I did these 25 years.  These children are fresh reminders of the challenges that face the silent, under-served victims of  domestic violence homicide. Sugie Lane Foundation sees to the basic yet critical needs of these children and provides normalcy in their lives so they can experience the lost joys of childhood.

Donate below so together we will make a positive difference in these children lives.

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